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It's a great way to make new friends and relax after work!
It's fun and competitive! Plus it's great exercise!


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League Bowling



It could be the moment when you slip on those timeless rental shoes, or swing your ball down a fresh lane. It could be when you
realize you've spent more time bowling than at the gym, or when you proudly outshine your friends score on guys night out!
At some point, joining a league crosses our minds. Don't be road blocked by the unknown and certainly don't be intimidated by
starting in a new community of bowlers. These commonly asked questions will help ease the doubt and hopefully ignite your
passion to join a new team sport!

1. How much does it cost?
Each league chooses a president and has it's own set of rules---as well as prices. Leagues generally run anywhere from
$7.00-$19.00 per week/per bowler. Prices will be determined on the first night of league by a unanimous vote from the league bowlers.
Not every league has guaranteed lineage; meaning if your absent you may or may not be obligated to the entire payment.
Money leagues split a portion of each weeks payment into a "pot" for the winning team. Each league's rules are
posted in the "League Standing" binder at the front desk of the Alley.

2. Do I need to have my own gear?
As a courtesy of the Village Bowl, each league bowlers house ball and shoe rental are included in the league payment.
All bowlers are welcome to purchase balls, bags, accessories, shoes, and more from our friendly pro-shop staff at any time!
Open play will still require a shoe rental charge, however, after joining a league you will receive an open
play discount of $2.00/game---at any time!

3. C'mon, I'm not the best bowler!
Every bowler has a humble beginning, even PBA bowler Dick Allen, who's net worth totals over $583,000! We welcome new bowlers
as a sign of a healthy and growing community of open play. Beginner leagues are offered and encouraged for novice bowler's
as well as coaching. And never forget: you'll get better, and you'll have fun! Bowling is a sport full of wacky personalities and
some of the most intriguing people you'll ever meet! Enjoy your time as a beginner because practice truly does make perfect!

4. How long must I commit to a season?
Summer leagues run from June-August (about 12 weeks) and fall leagues run from September-May (about 34 weeks). We do
understand that emergencies happen and vacations are DESPERATELY needed. Each league has rules about finding substitutes for
your missing weeks, replacement bowlers, and "make-up" scores. If you know you'll be absent you can "pre-bowl" and pre-pay
to cover your missing week. Most leagues are sanctioned through a U.S.B.C. membership which will need to be renewed yearly.

5. How long does it take to bowl each week?
Depending on the style of play, the average league bowls 3 games per week in one night. You'll have a few minutes to practice
before the league begins; perfect time to ask any questions you might have concerning your handicap, average, or lane conditions.
Some bowlers take about 30-45 minutes per game while others may bowl a little slower. Whatever your pace, you'll have
plenty of room free from distraction as Village Bowl gives league bowlers a courtesy lane separating them from the open play.
Lane courtesy should always be used and taught to open bowlers. Respect for a man's sport protects his way of life!


300 List Men
"Perfect Score"

F. Barbosa (2), T. Bennett (3), B. Bills (3), J. Butcher, S. Campbell (2), C. Carrol, G. Chewens, T. Conner (2), D. Cook (4), J. Copenhaver (4), H. Counoyer, J. Cournoyer,
M. Cummings, J. Doolen, B. Dowming, C. Farris, M. Flamand (2), M. Gallagher, D. Gass, L. Geyer, G. Givens, W. Hall, B. Harbuck, T. Harman, 
D. Harrison (7), D. Hauk (3), S. Hauk (23), J. Hendrixson (4), S. Hicks, J. Hoffman (4), D. Hollis, K. Honeycutt, T. Hunter (2), K. Jeffries, S. Johnson (3), 
T. Kee (2), D. Keltner (2), N. Keltner (3), G. Keith, L. Kendall, S. Keyser, M. Klumpp, D. LaPlante, B. Lowe, R. Luna, T. Matthews (4), E. McCauley, 
R. McCauley (2), B. McClure (8), R. Molet, J. Morton (12), Je. Musick, Ji. Musick (2), R. Nason (3), W. Obermier, G. Parish, B. Person (3), B. Peterson, D. Peters, J. Peters, 
M. Plain, K. Pope, (10) M. Pope (9), N. Pope, B. Quillen, Ja. Raub (2), Jo. Raub, D. Rhodes, A. Ricketts, G. Roberts (2), H. Rorjie, K. Russell, D. Salazar (2), 
J. Schmidt, T. Scott, T. Scott (2), C. Smith, L. Shaw, R. Stanley, J. Stender (2), P. Tack, K. Thompson (4), B. Tipton (2) , C. Tipton (3), E. Tschabold, S. Vallier,
D. Watson, M. Wells (4), D. Williams, J. Witt, T. Wolliss (3)


300 List Women
"Perfect Score"

J. Chewens, R. Marshall, F. Minton, K. Pope (10), S. Pope ,R. Kisinger

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